Evil Controllers

There has been an evolution of the gaming controller that has effected game play dramatically. A controller mod company by the name of evil controllers designed a controller for the xbox and playstation back in 2007 that has evolved game play as we know it. Perhaps not a natural evolution, and more of a synthetic one, but an evolution nonetheless.

The evil controller is modded controller that allows for 9 mods to increase user performance. (Mods Below)

  • Rapid Fire
  • Akimbo Rapid Fire
  • Tactical Rapid Fire
  • Fast Reload
  • Drop Shot
  • Auto Scope
  • Auto Run
  • Auto Spot
  • Adjustable Rapid Fire

The above mods give the user a distinct advantage and edge on players who are limited to the normal firing rate, speed, reload, etc of the standard controller. Essentially an evil controller makes you the Neo of the gaming community.

Are these undeserved powers though?

I think god like agility and ability could go to a teenagers head and create some undeserved entitlement, and everyone knows how frowned upon entitlement is.

But I guess if everyone is doing it, then you either have to join them or try and take on a team of juggernauts as a mortal.

Not impossible, but definitely a disadvantage to not be quipped with an evil controller.

Have no clue what I’m talking about, check out their video.

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