Fornite….All The Rage For Every Gaming Console

Let’s talk about Fortnite, the new battle royale game for all gaming consoles and PC’s.  With games like Call of Duty & Rainbow Six Siege out in the gaming world it comes as somewhat of a surprise that  Fortnite is taking the cake among gamers of all ages.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this game and it’s objective we have the low down for you and what seems to be making this game stand out.  

The game can be played solo, in squads or in duos.  For those of you that like campaign mode it also offers this story mode called “Save The world”.  When playing in squads, duos, or solo the main objective is to be the last one standing after fighting off your opponents.  In the beginning you jump out of a flying bus connected to a balloon.  Depending on the area you land in which may be Snobby Shores, Pleasant Park, Salty Springs, Wailing Woods, Lonely Lodge, Tomato Town, Anarchy Acres, Fatal Fields, Tilted Towers, Shifty Shafts, Haunted Hills, Junk Junction, Flush Factory, and Dusty Depot, you must search for items like guns, banadags and other materials that may help you succeed in fighting off your opponents.  Depending on the items you gather you can try to build a base that adds protection to you and your squad and aids in fighting off your opponents without getting killed.  So in a nutshell the games main focus is survival like that of Call Of Duty and other battle royale style games.  What makes Fortnite different from the others is its newer graphics and gaming strategies implemented.

To those that play the occasion game or have few and far between gaming sessions this game may not stand out from the others available.  However, for true gamers, teenagers and middle school kids  who’s life is gaming this game will pack a punch with an extra challenge.  Of course there are also in-game purchases available too and range from about $10 to $100 for V-Bucks which allow you to purchase skins, gliders, and pickaxes.

With new or improved versions of games already available hitting the gaming market daily it is unsure how long Fortnite will last as one of the top new games.  What we do know is that if you haven’t at least played the game once you should definitely make it a point to. The fact that there are 3 different options when it comes to playing against and with others makes it that much more enticing to gamers.  What probably makes it most desirable is the fact that the game is FREE!  Or is anyway if you opt not to purchase the campaign mode which allows you to access the “Save The World” story mode.  So now there is no excuse for you not to try this awesome and incredibly fun game! Get the free version today! Game On!