Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One

Over time the Xbox Gaming System has evolved and been upgraded and changed to provide a better game play for the user.  With heightened technology, and clearer graphics the gaming systems continue to get better and better with each new design.  With the edition of Xbox Live these gaming systems have taken gaming to another level.  With many competitors out there such as the makers of the playstation and newest addition the PS4, xbox consoles are ever changing to surpass its competitors.   

 This being said the real question now is, should you upgrade your 360 to the Xbox One?  What are the pros and cons as well as price points?  First let’s start with what kind of 360 you have.  Included in the Xbox 360 family is


  • Pro/Premium- These bad boys have only about 20-60 GBS of storage on their hard drives
  • Elite–  These elite systems come with 120 GBS of hard drive storage space
  • SlimThe latest addition to the 360 family, this system is able to play games from the previous gaming systems with no problem.
  • Arcade–  The mini version this system only has 4GB of hard drive storage space.


Overshadowing all of the 360 gaming systems is the Xbox One.  With its release date in November of 2013, it is the first system that is able to play it’s own games as well as the ones from any of the xbox 360 gaming systems. This makes it a easy and smooth transition from one console system to another.  With the release of the Xbox One, Microsoft the maker and inventor of these popular game systems, stopped making any new hardware for those still owning a 360.  With that being said a lot of people had trouble with The Red Ring Of Death. This software virus affected almost all of the first Xbox owners.  What exactly was this software virus?  It was known to create a lot of internal problems within the console.  Because of this many Xbox 360 were or have been refurbished.  

Now what are the stand out qualities of the Xbox One?  It has been the first gaming system to be released in China.  This gaming system that competes with not only the PS4, but also the Nintendo Wii U,  has enhanced cloud computing, a better program guide, split screen for multitasking, a redesigned Kinect sensor, better motion tracking and voice recognition.  Not only that but it also boasts the ability to let users post short video clips from live streaming.  The controllers have been redesigned from those meant for Xbox 360.  The fact that it is able to be directed with voice recognition is a feature that most love.

 All in all the answer is pretty simple.  While you may not want to get rid of your beloved 360, it may be time to upgrade for all of the redesigned and heightened features.  The controller redesign alone helps contribute to better game play.  The fact that you may still play Xbox 360 games on this new improved version is fabulous too.  It is like having the best of both Xbox worlds.  Not to mention with the lack of production for new Xbox 360 parts if you should have an internal problem there may be limited parts available that you may need.  Nothing is as frustrating as not being able to fix something especially only because the part is not available.  I say invest in the new Xbox One.  You may even stop into gaming stores and sell them your Xbox 360 system and put the cash toward your new Xbox One.  I think once you get to play on the newest gaming system in the Xbox family you will appreciate all that it has to offer as well as the updated technology.  What are you waiting for,  Go get that new system today!!  Because if all your friends do they will be playing Xbox Live without you.  Xbox one users and Xbox 360 users are unable to play with each other on Xbox Live.  Although the games are compatible for the One, the consoles have to be the same to interact with one another!  Time for that UPGRADE!!