Waterproof Controllers?

The luxury of playing xbox while chillin in a hot tub or pool….uh yes please. Well a waterproof controller is in need if that will go down.  It may not seem to be a necessity, but having the option to play while your kicking it the pool doesn’t sound to shabby…right?

Well we got word from friends in Colorado that a local company was giving out “waterproof controllers”. We had to get the info on what this was about.

Patio Splash Hot Tub & Spas in Fort Collins, www.patiosplash.com, recently gave away 2 xbox controllers with a purchase of a hot tub over the holidays….and even better, included were waterproof cases! This seemed crazy being we hadn’t heard about any type of waterproof cases, and we would be in the know, or so we think.

Guess what? Water proof case= a box of zip locks. So yep, this “Hot Tub” Special included two controllers, and a bag of ziplock bags, with any new hot tub purchase. They did include a disclaimer

* Xbox controllers are intended for dry use with your xbox. The zip lock bags offer protection against knicks, scratches, and damage while your controller is not in use. We do hope you enjoy your new hot tub, and do not recommend using electronic devices in or near the water.

Pretty brilliant marketing strategy, and it worked. People were throwing down a 5-6K to recieve two new xbox controllers and a box of plastic bags. Nifty Patio Splash….quite niffy.

On a serious note, although this company really did offer this deal at one one of their store location, the controller needs to evolve into a waterproof one.  Not only so you can soak in a hot tub or pool, but just in case there are any major spills that happen near, or on your controller. They have controller skins, and ways you can wrap your controller to offer some protection, but why not take it all the way and make sure water damage can’t occur.

Cell phone have water proof cases, why not make them for controllers?

The way technology has evolved, you would think that this may be underway and in development.   If it’s not it needs to be. Hmmmm. any angel investors reading this:)?

To make your controller temporarily water poof we found a video that may helpful. If you were the ones to be fortunate to be the new owners, or kids of the owners of a new hot tub, 2 new xbox controllers, and some plastic bags, this video may be helpful for you too.

Please keep in mind that we are not responsible for any loss or damage that may happen to you or your controller if you chillin in any size pool of water. We just want to  make sure you have a few resources.

Until next time.

These guys make sure you know how to properly encase your controller.