Your Guide To Gaming Headsets

Let’s talk gaming headsets!  With so many on the market and opinions flowing freely, it can be hard to really narrow it down to what gaming headset is really the best.  Of course a lot of it depends on the individual needs of the gamer, however,  we have a break down on the different sets to help out the process a bit.

3 Different Types Of Headsets


  • Analogue Headsets- This type of headset is compatible with pretty much an PC, mobile device or gaming console. The quality of the sound however, is dictated by the device you are using.  Kind like enter at your own risk.  If you decide to go with these you may need a splitter device for PC’s if you have different headphone & mic jacks.  Some headsets come with them some do not, check the box.
  • Digital Headsets- Now we are getting to the good stuff.  Digital headsets come equipped with DAC( Digital to Analogue Converter) which means they offer better software, higher volume which means clearer sound and a better overall experience.  Optical headsets are compatible with xbox and playstation gaming consoles and also any PC that has an optical converter. Plus these babies use a USB connector, which most of us can appreciate.
  • Wireless Headsets- Will we appreciate these headsets for their wire-free, hassle free gaming experience they do have some pitfalls.  First and foremost they are more expensive than wire headsets, and can often be heavier.  They also need to be charged which can really put a wrench in you game play. And for the punchline not all wireless sets are compatible with all gaming systems & consoles.  Definitely make sure to check out compatibility when purchasing these.  


While there are definitely a few more types of headsets to choose from, we have narrowed the beginning three down.  Headsets can be an investment because the good ones don’t run cheap.  Think about your gameplay and how dedicated you are to gaming before making the choice in which headset you buy. If your gonna shel out some cash for a top of the line headset you want to make sure you are going to put them to good use and really enjoy the quality they had to your game play!