MineCraft Murals…

With the rise of different gaming systems and the surge to be a gamer, many parents, doctors, teachers, and so on believe that gaming isn’t healthy and doesn’t encourage the use of imagination in children.  Well we have a theory and a story that may say otherwise.

   In downtown Denver, Colorado there is a Boys and Girls Club that is frequented by many children before and after school, ranging in age from elementary to middle school.  Here they can do their homework, hang out with friends, and play PG rated games on the assortment of gaming systems that were donated this past fall.  A favorite game among many kids there is MineCraft.  MineCraft is a game that teaches children to use their imagination and creativity to build anything from, farms to cities to railroad stations and basically entire communities.  They use tools that are purchased with in the game, and other building materials.  They can acquire animals such as pigs, ducks, cows and so forth.  

Colorado Signs, which is a well known sign and imagery company in Denver, decided to donate their time, materials, and services to the Boys and Girls Club and create a MineCraft mural to be enjoyed by those that attend this Boys and Girls Club!

 They will use the outward facing wall of one of the buildings used as the community room.  Here most kids do homework and play the gaming systems available.  They will begin this weekend and hope to finish by the beginning of next week.  Why the sudden interest to create a mural for this facility?  Jeff the founder and owner of Colorado Signs says simply, “ creating signs, murals and the like is my art.  This is how I use my creativity and also take care of my family.  I want these kids to know that what they imagine they can bring to life.  If making villages in MineCraft helps a child to realize his passion for building and engineering than that’s awesome!”  We appreciate guys and companies like Jeff’s because they help give back to the community.  Not only that but to create a mural based on a game that nurtures creativity sheds some positive light on many kids favorite past time.  Gaming!  

We would also like to encourage those reading this post, that if you have anything you would like to donate to the Boys and Girls club please feel free to stop by or call and arrange a pickup with them. If we all find the positive in things and help take care of our community like Jeff we are that much closer to helping create a positive world.