Controller Skins

Controllers Evolved-

Yes the Xbox has evolved into what it is today, from the original Xbox, to the Xbox 360, and now to the Xbox One. Gaming has never been so good. To make it even better, more individualized, and aesthetically pleasing, you can actually customize your controller with a new skin, and be in control of what your Xbox controller looks like. With the availability of materials and the digital age we live in, controller customization is brought to life in a whole new way. No more resorting to your dad’s spray paint cabinet for new colors, or using stickers, or even bedazzles to customize your controller. You can now take any image online and make a skin that you can use on your controller. Whether you want to add commander chief, my little pony, or Pokemon to your controller it doesn’t matter. Don’t quote me on the copyright law, but as long as you have no intention to resell the controller, you can use whatever character, brand, sports team or design you like.

Beyond customizing the look of your controller, this vinyl skin is a durable laminate that will also protect it from scratches, nicks, peeling, and discoloration. Crazy huh? Even crazier is the what you can turn your controller into.  This is not dipping, you do not have to send your controller off to be dipped, like in a past post we wrote. This is an actual film that you apply to your controller. There are several online sites that you can choose from, and a variety of controller skins that you simply order and you are good to go. After you purchase the custom vinyl, it will be sent to your home and you can easily apply it to your controller. You’ll want to make sure your controller is clean and dried before you apply the vinyl, but beyond that adhering it is pretty straightforward. If you ever decide that you don’t like the vinyl or want to switch it out for a different design it easily removes, and does not leave weird residue like that dumb bumper sticker on the back of your truck.

They have several hundreds of design options to choose from typically….but even better is customizing your own. Either throw down a design on photoshop or consult with a graphic artist. Or if you like an image on the internet just grab it. But keep it G rated, or else the company might not send you the vinyl.

Phantom Wrapz a Dallas based wrap company, is beginning to provide custom controller wraps, amongst other things. The software they will integrate on their website will allow you to fully customize whatever images, graphics, logos and colors you want applied to your controller. They will then print and ship the skin directly to you to install on your controller. Even beyond controller wraps, they also will offer full Xbox One skins, that are also completely customizable. What is very cool about their particular services is the ability to customize multiple wraps or skins, so that you may interchange the wraps when you are in the mood for a new look.

Turn your controller or your Xbox into an original and unique console with a customizable wrap. We were able to explore the textures, and finishes available to choose from…so sick. Textures ranging from matte wrap, to satin, chrome, and even velvet, plus way more options.

Make your console and controllers one of a kind and check the different vinyl options available today.